Mission Goals & Principles

The world innovates and evolves through collaboration principles inherent the concepts of open source software.  These principles will be applied in the protection and expansion of society’s innovation platforms, such as the Internet. 


Our mission is to connect and empower using Open Source tools and tactics to improve innovation, collaboration, and cooperation, benefiting the effectiveness and agility of cyber security.

Open Security is an effort to connect professionals from ALL industries and to have the conversation that raises awareness and practical understanding to secure systems, networks, code, and people. 

On the open seas of the digital expanse, this effort will raise the tide for all ships large and small.


  • Cyber is an unusual domain in that it crosses both civilian, industrial, and militarized boundaries.
  • Keeping activity in those (above) domains separate and distinct is vital to all nations’ best interests
  • Like the high seas, the internet is an international territory.
    • Although the internet was invented in the United States, many other nations and states have contributed to it’s global infrastructure to the extent that it is now an internationally shared resource.
  • Similar to “Free as in Freedom of Speech” we believe our ability as humans to collaborate and innovate using these modern principals shall be “Free.”

” In Cyberwar, coding is the new maneuver. “

Jim Stogdill