Suggested Reading

“What is Open Security?” Whitepaper

Dr. David A. Wheeler of the Institute for Defense Analyses provides a definition of “open security” along with some background, clarifications, and discussion.

The PDF version of the whitepaper is available here.

You can read the document in your browser here.

Cybersecurity at

The US Department of Homeland Security has compiled an overview of cybersecurity topics on its website: OTD2: Open Technology Development, Lessons Learned

An update to the 2006 Open Technology Roadmap, five years after the release of the original was released in 2011.  It is available here:

OTD Roadmap

The first “Open Technology Roadmap” is a military-focused guide to the development of open technology.  Read it here:


Open Source Licenses

Although there are many “open source” licenses available, a listing of licenses that meet the standards laid out in the Open Source Initiative’s “Open Source Definition” can be found here:  Open source licenses not found on this page may meet a different definition of “open source” than the one commonly understood.

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” Counterterrorism and Cybersecurity: Total Information Awareness “

J. Saltzer and M. Schroeder